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Kyojuro Rengoku

PvP Ranking

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Premios Ranking PvP Mensual:

    Top 1: 50 bbs / 40 Enriched Oridecon y Elunium/50 HD Carnium y Bradium/+12 ticket armor o weapon/ Costume a eleccion/Costume Unico PvP.
    Top 2: 45 bbs / 35 Enriched Oridecon y Elunium/45 HD Carnium y Bradium/+10 ticket armor o weapon/ Un arma Glorius a eleccion.
    Top 3: 40 bbs / 30 Enriched Oridecon y Elunium/40 HD Carnium y Bradium/+10 ticket armor o weapon/ 5 Mystical card album.
    Top 4: 35 bbs / 25 Enriched Oridecon y Elunium/35 HD Carnium y Bradium.
    Top 5: 30 bbs / 20 Enriched Oridecon y Elunium/30 HD Carnium y Bradium.

(En los comentarios de este post, se posteara los ganadores de cada mes).

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